Keen instincts, distinctive vocals and high energy guitar wizardry make this singer/songwriter a powerhouse set to imprint the music industry.

Mick Lindsay`s working on a dream and he makes no apologies for that. He knows what he wants and his enthusiasm is contagious. 

Live performance is the keystone of the Lindsay game plan. Mick says, “Performing is the big pay off! It`s always a rush to kick it with a crowd. It`s sublime! Watching the fans` energy hit that euphoria as they rock and sing-a-long – that`s total fulfilment. It`s not about the dollars: It`s about a legacy. 

It`s about being able to create music that moves another human being. They`re the songs that will outlive me. That`s magic!” 

Anyone with a sharp eye for talent has their sights firmly fixed ‘Mick Lindsay’ – he`s set to become the new ‘king of the cowpunks’! This fun-loving country boy has schmoozed with Aussie legends, heated up mammoth crowds for Troy Cassar-Daley, Ross Wilson, Grinspoon, Brendan Walmsley, Lee Kernaghan and more, and all to raucous standing ovations. 

With a primitive cool, Mick Lindsay transitioned lucratively from the job security of a carpentry trade to full-time musician: taking a leap and successfully supporting his way around the world as an independent recording artist. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” 

Mick`s music reflects a fresh unseen blend of country rock/pop with an intriguing ‘Brooks’ like majesty. 

If you have not seen Mick Lindsay live, you had better keep your eye`s peeled! This is one Aussie Rebel with a serious cause - Get ready!